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October 6th
2:08 PM

a message from Anonymous

I call my self a Killjoy and not part of the MCRmy because as of now the MCRmy is broken and just a bunch of people waiting for the guys to tweet and they're trying so hard to get them back, But they need to realize that they're human they have a life to live and it's not gonna be about making music just to please people who barely appreciate it

why would you submit to this blog it hasnt been updated in a year

September 16th
3:56 PM

a message from Anonymous

I think someone should bomb the pentagon I got my stuff packed Im leaving tonight Paula R. Cooper Sault Sainte Marie, Mi.

fuck OFF.

July 27th
5:47 PM

Text: I hate myself for never knowing him. Well, any of them, really. I do want to meet him, but I will never be complete because what I want is to be his friend. I don’t care if he’s famous. Everything about Gerard tells me, “Yes, this man would be my best friend”. The same feeling I got with all of the people who became my best friends. I feel like no matter what I do in life, my biggest fuck-up was never being something of importance to him.

5:12 PM

Text: I hate when people look back on Gerard’s ex-girlfriends, like Barbara, and say, “I bet she feels stupid now”. That’s ridiculous. I know in reality that someone would feel like shit if their ex became famous, because they’re selfish and would want a part of that, but I hate how the MCRmy acknowledges that… She fucked up long before he became famous and his fame doesn’t make it any less or more of a mistake on her part.

4:39 PM

Text: 6 years of searching and I still can’t find the same shade of red eye-shadow as Gerard’s anywhere in my town.

4:06 PM

Text: Every time I turn to alcohol and razors whilst listening to MCR I feel like I’ve let you down. I will never be as strong as you and it breaks my heart every day.

3:35 PM

Text: I’m not a fan of MSI but I think Gerard and Lynz make a nice couple, and their daughter is adorable.

3:09 PM

Text: I know the truth about (99% sure) why Gee is moving, but am hesitant to tell anyone since I feel if he wanted us to know, he would have told us. We should stop speculating and blowing it completely out of proportion. It’s his life.

2:29 PM

Text: I feel like I am absolutely hideous, and Gerard never said to not feel that way, he said embrace it, and that’s a lot more than anyone has ever done for me.

2:04 PM

Text: I think your wife is a desperate slut.